When they approached us for design support, one of Treecard’s main challenges was their ability to display their main value props, and help customers visualize the cherry wooden debit cards that they gave to their users. They needed support articulating their fundamental differentiators in a crowded fintech landscape.


To help Treecard communicate their value props, we assisted them in designing the new game-based banking app that let users track tree planting progress, as they spent with their wooden Mastercards.


With support from Drip, Tree Card went on to a successful game and product launch — alongside their successful €22M Series A raise. Since then, they’ve rebranded to prioritize “steps” as a way to enable their users to plan trees through using the app.

From the initial consultation to the final product, Drip provided exceptional service. They listened to our ideas and translated them into a stunning product that reflects our company's values.

Jamie Cox
Co-Founder & CEO, Treecard
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