Univers presented us with a multi-faceted challenge. They approached us looking for a complete overhaul of their brand ancillaries, including (but not limited to) packaging design, marketing materials, digital assets, and retail displays. Their objective? Modernize their brand image, while preserving specific elements of familiarity that resonated with their customer base. Despite their strong market presence, the leadership team recognized the need to evolve their visual identity and brand collateral in order to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive landscape. That's where we came in.

  1. Discovery Phase: Conducted comprehensive research into the client's industry landscape, target audience preferences, and emerging design trends.This work informed our creative direction.
  2. Brand Audit: Assessed existing branding elements to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  3. Strategic Planning: Collaborated with the client to establish clear brand objectives and build a strategic roadmap for the rebranding initiative.
  4. Creative Conceptualization: Leveraged insights from the discovery phase to conceptualize new branding elements. This included logo redesign, color palette selection, typography, and imagery.
  5. Iterative Design Process: Employed an iterative design process to refine concepts based on client feedback, ensuring alignment with their vision and objectives.
  6. Collateral Development: Produced a range of branding ancillaries. Deliverables here included packaging designs, marketing collateral, digital assets, and retail displays. We worked to maintain consistency across all materials.
  7. Testing and Feedback: Conducted user testing and solicited feedback from focus groups to gauge the effectiveness of the new branding elements. Based on this work, we executed any necessary refinements.
  8. Implementation and Rollout: Executed a phased rollout plan to implement the new branding across all channels, ensuring a seamless transition for customers and stakeholders.
  9. Monitoring and Optimization: Continued to monitor the performance of new branding elements post-implementation, making iterative adjustments to optimize impact and effectiveness.

The successful rebranding initiative illustrates the transformative power of strategic branding and design in revitalizing a brand's image and driving business growth. Our design process blends stakeholder insights, creativity, and collaboration, to deliver tangible results that exceeded the client's expectations. Ultimately, our work together positioned Univers for continued success.

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